our services


Our design philosophy is attentive to the values and lessons derived from the evolution of Mexican architecture and we constantly thrive to create elegant and sophisticated spatial experiences in our projects. A high level of efficiency and adequate functionality are a fundamental part of our design approach which, when combined with the extraordinary presence of the natural elements, provide for a great opportunity to experience a unique lifestyle.


Our construction services cover every stage of a project from pre-construction and construction all the way through key in hand delivery.

Ogarrio – Zapata Arquitectos and IDS provides our clients with complete satisfaction of their objectives and expectations. We work hard to build strong relationships with our subcontractors in order to provide valuable knowledge and resources, which translate into cost and time efficiencies for our clients. The construction team is made up of skilledprofessionals who effectively apply management techniques from inception to completion, to the overall planning and construction of a project, in order to control time, cost and quality.

our construction services include

Project feasibility - Budgeting development

Subcontractors selection and negotiation

Photo Report

Schedule development

Subcontractors control and management

Systems start-up support

Schedule management

Permitting process

Assemble close-out documents

Budget summary report

Cost Control

As-built plans

Pre-purchase of long-lead materials

Quality control management

Certificate of occupancy

Subcontractors qualifications analysis

Change Order and submittal review